Gender Lens Investing in the news

A round-up of recent global news and features relevant to anyone interested in gender lens investing. If you'd like to get a monthly digest of these links, sign up for the newsletter below.

Bank CEOs who don't hire more women face pay cuts, Ivana Kottasova, CNN Money

The U.K.'s biggest banks and insurers -- as well as some leading U.S. banks and investment firms -- have signed up to a British government initiative designed to bring more women into top positions.

'Are we undercounting work done by women?', Naila Kabeer, Open Society Foundation

Kabeer draws attention to gaps in data which could be telling an inaccurate story about women's contribution to the economy. "It is very likely that a substantial percentage of the women who went missing from the labor force in India’s most recent survey had in fact resorted to unpaid and unrecognized activities in response to the country’s failure to generate broad-based employment."

'Female Angel Investors and Founders Temporarily Retreat', Geri Stengel,

Stengel probes possible reasons behind the 2015 dip in women funders and founders - and why we'll soon see a rise in female angels.

''The Case has Been Made': Philanthropist Pushes Business on Gender Equity',  Kiersten Marek, Inside Philanthropy

Jacki Zehner, chief engagement officer of Women Moving Millions, discusses her journey into gender lens investing and the benefits for business, citing a few key players and tools for anyone wanting to dig deeper.

Building Gender into Climate Finance: ADB Experience with the Climate Investment Funds, Asian Development Bank

A new publication which considers climate change through a gender lens, and investable solutions and strategy to support the women most affected in Asia and the Pacific.