Women effect investing, or gender lens investing, is about learning to see gender in your portfolio as a way of maximising financial and social returns.

We want gender lens investing to become a standard way to view an investment or a portfolio. Twenty years ago socially responsible investing was new; now, using ESG factors in investment is standard. That’s the direction in which gender lens investing is headed. 

This is a new field and it’s evolving; a complete set of tools and approaches for this work has not yet been developed. However, we've put together a 101 starter kit of research, papers and primers for anyone who wants to learn more.



the women effect story

The demand for a dedicated Women Effect community was first realised in 2013 at a series of investor events hosted by our fiscal sponsor Criterion Institute.

community criteria and benefits

Prospective guest members at this time need to be high net worth or sophisticated investors acting in a personal, professional and/or institutional capacity and deploying at least $1m in capital.


Regularly meeting at events helps the Women Effect community accelerate ideas into action. These conferences and gatherings are relevant to anyone interested in women effect investing.

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